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Comments (8)

  • new to this site, awesoommmeee! Gotta disagree on some of the player ratings though, Benny only played 10minutes so i would say something like a 6.5 When Rosicky came in the passing became much better and he really made an impact so i would have to say he would deserve a 7. RVP wasn't his super self this match imo so i would have to say a 7. Verminator was good, except for the goal error but i would give him about a 6. Coquelin got beaten far to much and made alot of defencive errors, his passing was good though. Frimpong wasn't that special imo. And gervinho was pretty bleh i would give him a 5 or something.

  • Well that was annoying!

  • Goodbye Hutton!

  • BenaYES!!!!!

  • Captain Vantastic!

  • COYG!!!! and yes tottingham and chel53a both are gonna lose tomorrow.

  • camaaan villa!

  • Bent has a decent goalscoring record against Arsenal but is out of the tie so I can't see Villa getting any joy. Another improved performance from N'Zogbia would be nice to see and I have a feeling Clark may get a chance in midfield having scored twice against the Gunners last season.

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