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  • mençıstır sikti attı gene

  • inevitable result...

  • Rooney, What a dive !

  • lol @regev

  • its just my ot welbeck looks like the fresh prince (will smith)?

  • Many players missing...

  • For some reason I think Arsenal could get a result but at the moment it seems like them and Chelsea are surrendering 4th place for one another

  • I'd 8-2 watch this if I was an Arsenal fan. They have no hope. Scholes vs Henry in a battle of who has lost the most mobility over the last 3 years!

  • No Arteta is a huge loss for Arsenal. They are just too weak all over the pitch to win this one

  • Arsenal don't have a prayer without Vermaelen. Valencia will have an absolute field day against Miquel

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