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  • red card = unfair = bad charakter age doesnt matter

  • remember pogba is only 20

  • Spain team is a dream team, thanks for a beautiful game, it's fantastic game. Espania Espania Espania,

  • Great Monreal, good Spanish team... But the party is not over in the group.

  • lol Pogba was playing excellent then he gets sent off :/

  • Pogba is an incredible player but his attitude may prevent him from becoming one of the best.

  • thats the barca players for you. What a pussy Xavi is.

  • Monsieur Pogba 8-)

  • @Xsim, I think Evra and Jallet are very attack minded full backs who could leave Pedro and Iniesta exposed. They will probably have to be more defensive but I can't see France having more than 30% of possession so they will have to be a little more counter orientated out wide.

  • I think France would play for not losing a match and this will cause to lose

  • Spain FTW

  • @JJChelseaFan - I agree, having on both wings, Ribéry and Valbuena should have a number of crosses coming in. These are simple tactics of football which disrupts the defense alignment. Having Pique and Ramos does not make things easier for France. I believe most of the battle will be fought on the wings if France manages to obtain the ball more than 45% of its possession. Any thoughts on the French defense?

  • The biggest opportunities France will probably have are counter attacks down the wings. Spain are going to dominate possession but France can launch counters out wide and they are dangerous in the air in the box with Olivier Giroud. They will just have to watch that their strikers aren't caught offside, as both Benzema and Giroud are prone to this at their clubs.

  • France wins 1-0 or 2-1, with Benzema coming off the bench sometime in the second half to win the game. However, whenever Xavi and Inestia plays, Spain (and Barcelona) rarely loose - So I would rank this game as the most exciting up until now -

  • under 2.5

  • Sorry VARANE instead of SAKHO

  • French team will be this one : ------------ LLORIS ------------- JALLET - KOSCIELNY - SAKHO - EVRA ----CABAYE -- POGBA --MATUIDI---- ------VALBUENA -----RIBERY------- ------------BENEMA--------------- A draw is a value bet i think

  • Spain Wins 3-1

  • total > 3

  • 1-0 to France.

  • If Giroud is on the lineup France might as well not show up. Probably he won't. Anyways I want France to win.

  • Why Bezema?

  • There won't be two strikers in the French team... It is too risky against Spain. Giroud will probably be replaced by Gonalons or Sissoko.

  • draw

  • France or draw.

  • 1 - 2

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