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  • I know ,it's only San Marino ,but Clev ,Welbs and Wazza is stunning!!! Come'on U Reds! ONE LOVE ,ONE UNITED!!!

  • look at the player average positions :D it's brutal for england :D

  • 86% possession! Wow! Good training.

  • I'm hoping for 10, if strikers are on form its possible

  • 5-0

  • Well this will be a show of goals i hope, let's see if San Marino can hold on to the 0-0 for more than 20 minutes. 5-0 seems quite feasible.

  • England should win by 7 goals or more!

  • Hahaha San Marino to win?? Wouldnt matter if they were giving 1,000,000/1!

  • Only 100/1 for San Marino to win! Should be more than that surely!

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