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  • It is so LOL!

  • This is getting annoying... Polish should have been much better prepared!!!

  • That stadium with roof! Stupid polska!

  • To wszystko wina Tuska.

  • cały świat będzie się śmiać z Polaków - ktoś musi za to odpowiedzieć!

  • Looks like the game will be canceled.

  • Englands formation looks like they've got a midfielder named Chamberlain and a striker besides Defoe called Oxlade. took me a second to realize..

  • 2-1 England win

  • Both teams have their own problems. English style of playing footbal is...not good now (lucky draw against Ukraine) and Polish style of playing footbal is...weak. I am Polish and I would like to beat "Islanders"...but this is unlikely. My types are: PL 0 - 1 ENG or PL 1 - 2 ENG.

  • Reckon Poland might pick up a point. England vs Ukraine game all over again - 1-1 draw

  • 4/7 of those injuries are Arsenal players.

  • Not really probable this Polish lineup. Polanski flew back to Germany and Murawski could play only as a last resort.

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