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Match Commentary

Comments (17)

  • credit to arsenal for the way they played... But we won and this is more important than anything else!

  • That was too close!

  • tense...

  • 3-1 and fantastic emotions

  • 1-1 RVp and Ibra

  • gunners have the talent to score 4+, but they need to learn to noot let in goalls

  • AC will be happy with any sort of result

  • lets hope arteta varmealen and gibbs are all fit to play.

  • Seedorf in for experience

  • If Arsenal can get a result here theyll save a little face and go someway to restoring their pride

  • still cant see arsenal winning. 2-1 milan

  • this should be a great game, reckon arsenal will win, but the deficit is too much

  • 2-2

  • Maybe a 1-1 draw

  • Chamakh and Arshavin Hattrick

  • Tactically it is a good tie Milan on the break vs Arsenal on full attack mode. After watching Milan demolish Palermo on the break Iam confident saying Milan win it 3-1.

  • Milan 2-2 Arsenal.

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