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  • USA won-hahahahaa

  • Well whatdya know, I predicted correctly! :D So proud of the team right now, keep it up!

  • Ogbonna plays in serieB! Pretty slick defender though.

  • Lets go USA. Big big game! In my biased opinion, 0-1 United States.

  • Italia 3-1!!

  • should be a solid win for Rossi and co.

  • classic 1-0 juve-esq win?

  • Juve are well represented.

  • i'd push dempsey up top withaltidore if i was US

  • Prandelli was right to drop Balotteli. The team comes first

  • gonna b a tight game. usa are a gud side

  • donnovan is a big loss for the 'mericans

  • 1-0