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  • 1-0 Benfica will win.

  • 2-2.

  • 3-1 benfica, no english teams in CL anymore

  • Torres over Drogba up front

  • Meireles shouldn't start, he was woeful at the weekend

  • 2-1 CFC!

  • Cardozo could get the better of luiz

  • Terry back in the fold is big

  • Di Matteo likes to lean on the old guard and they should see him through nthis round

  • 2-1 seems unlikely to me! Maybe 1-1 at a puch, but i dont think chelsea will be beaten

  • Come'on Benfica! from a United fan! (2-1)

  • I am with Benfica all the way, the underdogs are always the best team to support, especially when facing english opposition