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Match Commentary

Comments (7)

  • bloody Rothen is playing he will want to square it out..same old story..in defense Sakho played a full match wednesday and the other 2 two are doubtful..and in the middle Motta is being Motta forever away..Matuidi wasn't great on wednesday but Verratti did well for Italy so fingers crossed..Allez Paris!!!

  • I don't think PSG will score 4, and also I don't think Bastia will score, so PSG and under 3.5 for me sounds very good.

  • I think GG + 2.5 over + PSG win: (3-1)

  • I think GG. + Over2.5 + PSG win. (3-1)

  • I think it will end in a draw.

  • Bastia not to score and PSG to win by 4goals or more

  • Yes sir :)

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