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  • omg 18 position in EPL 0_0

  • Ref was horrible, but the penalty decision was right.

  • Rafael & Ferdinand were great, my Men of the Match. United, deservedly won the game.

  • This game was a disgrace to football. The ref was biased, clearly. You always hear claims from Liverpool supporters saying the refs are biased towards United, I never believed them until now. It needs sorting, the beautiful is losing its beauty.

  • 1-1..liverpool to ply too aggresive..n mu rvp dint get ball at all..

  • @ValFC: Indeed they are. But not with Jonjo Shelvey, and not while Gerrard is taking this much initiative when there are players like Sahin who could fill in the job much better.

  • This year is a loss for Liverpool and ManU will most likely take this one, but if they stick with Rodgers, I belive he can create a strong CL level team in a few years. (On a completely unrelated note, whenever I see Gerrard or Borini trying to maintain possession I die a little inside)

  • Liverpool need Time. Rodgers seems to be a good coach, future is bright at Liverpool but the fans need to wait for. I think this game will be fantastic, don't surestimate MU, there are beatable.

  • @Kybler A very nice summary of the match and Liverpool...

  • I love games like this, you can't guarantee a result at all. United are favourites, but you never know. Liverpool are going through a building stage after a horrific last season. Rodgers was forced to improve Liverpool with a limited budget after Delglish spending over 100m on overrated player, so it's going to be a long season for Liverpool. But they'e not going to get relegated, their performance has improved in a lot of areas (not movment off the ball that's for sure) but they lack chemistry in the final third which was expected since the 3 players are playing together for the first time, one of them is 17 years old and the other is an Italian, who is having is first season. Liverpool have got too much quality to get relegated (Allen, Sahin, Shelvey, Suarez, Sterling,Agger, Skrtel...), but players must fit into Rodgers's system, it'll take time, for some players it won't happen, but it'll let them know their place before the transfer window.

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