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  • 7 interceptions for Per, so I'm right on that one, but 6 tackles and 12 clearances for Koscielny.

  • On the flipside, Koscielny was weak in the air when Arsenal conceded and had an atrocious clearance after Kompany's bike (!) that nearly cost Arsenal a goal. I thought Mertesacker was the better CB defensively. It's all in the positioning with the giant. I lost count how many times Silva tried to thread a ball through and Mert was there to intercept.

  • @LessBlues Well spotted. He has a very good future ahead of him.

  • i was wrong. that was a nice game)

  • And yes Koscielny was amazing... :)

  • Well done footballgod and to the author of the preview!

  • I thought that was great movement and anticipation by Koscielny on the corner. He withdrew, expecting a weak clearance header. Can be a very shrewd player, one of his strengths.

  • World-class performance from Koscielny. Once more.

  • woohoo!!! just made £820!!!

  • Im excited for this one. Got a juicy bet on 1-1 draw!

  • Aguero brings balance to City's attack. Big game for Cazorla who might be facing Yaya Toure, both players are able to make the difference in such games.

  • i give it 2 arsenal it ll be a shocking result 4 pundit n punters arsenal 3 city 1 hahaha

  • Arsenal haven't faced a midfielder like Yaya yet this year. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  • 1-1 seems about right. City will finish 3rd this year.

  • Man City like to have possession but don't do much with it. I say Arsenal counter attack and then goal. Similar to Liverpool game I think.

  • i think it will be a boring game -controling the ball -waiting for mistakes 1:0 for any team

  • Arsenal to pull off an upset, 1-0 win. late winner

  • if maicon starts, then i'll be happy because i really don't see him containing podolski or gibbs. i might be wrong though

  • Arsenal win 3-2

  • maicon starting

  • Arsenal's Weaknesses :(Team has no significant weaknesses) LOLLLL

  • this is gonna a really interesting game. can't wait till sunday

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