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  • United need a new Welsh left winger.Buy Gareth Bale!!


  • Great game. Well done to Spurs!

  • Brilliant game, United lacklustre in first half, exposed for pace and toothless, but Fergie's hairdryer worked pretty well. Too bad the finishing wasn't as good.

  • or 2-2

  • 1-1

  • Interesting that ppl are expecting an upset. United are at home and have two class strikers RVP and Rooney available. I think a 2-1 United win should be expected.

  • Hard game ,but United should win this one , Spurs is a great side but I don't think they can beat the Champ19ns!!! :)

  • If ManU play without Young, Nani, or Valencia, they will have to rely on Rafael for width, but then Bale will be a threat on that wing, perhaps making Rafael play conservatively. And Spurs can match ManU in midfield. I think Spurs can win this one. Also, Nani should play.

  • Tottenham have got to beat United some day. With the hosts' injury problems maybe this will be it

  • United will win 2-0, with the flattering them. They always beat us. not confident at all

  • @Malpiedi don't see that happening at all. Terrible record against united

  • spurs to pull an upset, United on paper have been great winning all their games with ignoring the everton match, but they have looked very average on the pitch, and i believe that spurs are slowly but deffinitely improving as the game weeks past

  • @battles lol its true that esp lately all the decisions have been going in Utd's favour, but the penalties they won were spot on decisions.

  • I wonder how many penalties will get United for diving in this game

  • Hotpurs will not lost, I think. It's not logical - INSIGHT!

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