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  • hahahaha fucking blues

  • I told all of you so.

  • @FaMo It was Oscar who assisted the goal of Ramires with a cross. Read the news.

  • Cross/Assist at 2:2 wasnt Oscar but rather Hazard.

  • ‎2 Red cards in one match....Must Man U win....Bad Ref...Man U will not win dis league. That's how they almost Robbed Man City Last season.

  • Basically, embellishment of slight contact =/= diving. If it did, god, games would end 5x5.

  • Not clear Mr. Clattenburg understands what a dive is...although Valencia's yellow was clearly a make-up call. Ah well. Reffing is hard.

  • What a bad ref.....CLATTENBURG fuck off.

  • One extremely strict red card, one completely mistaken red card, one offside goal and now MU are winning again. Oh god, how worse could a great game like this have ended?

  • Cant believe Torres got the second yellow for that! Although not great, there is contact! Ref messing up...

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