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  • Should have bet on over 2.5 :(

  • gratz chelsea..we always support ya all..looking 4ward next match.. bring it on..!!sHoW mE yR BraVe..pLay nO mErcY..!!!

  • What. A. Game!

  • done hating on chelsea, they are definitely in the driving seat for the title now. it is theirs to lose

  • Southampton vs Tottenham seems like VERY interesting match.

  • My congratulations for all, who bet on Chelsea!

  • It was unpredictable, my opinion. I thought it will be careful game, but we see a lot of goals and mistakes.

  • Shit

  • Now expect Spurs to score! Should be 1-1 soon.

  • Where is the beast ? I mean Dembele! :)) :\

  • out Dembelé and Bale!

  • What a game is coming on !!,Draw is not far away but i still think that Spurs is going to take 3 points with in WH-Lane

  • Draw, 1:1

  • chelsea have been class, can see them getting 3 points unfortunately

  • Great game. Both sides to score is a good bet!

  • Three point lane? that is terrible

  • Another challenging game for the Champions of Europe then. I mean let’s be honest; it’s not easy playing against small clubs who raise their game because the Champions of Europe are in town. For little old Tottenham this is an even bigger game because Chelsea, by winning the Champions League thus becoming the Champions of Europe, took Tottenham’s Champions League place. So, if playing the Champions of Europe wasn’t enough, there is an added incentive for Tottenham to raise their game. The small matter of Gordon Brittas, now managing Tottenham having been sacked by the Champions of Europe last season, is just another intriguing subplot for what is sure to be a fascinating game between Tottenham and the Champions of Europe. I am not a gambling man but I think the Champions of Europe are due a win at Three Point Lane.

  • my money is on spurs to win this game.their defensive mid is better than chelsea's and they will be able to stripe the ball away from chelsea players more than chelsea. which means they'll have more possession to dictate the game to their own favor and we all know whoever wins the midfield battle wins the game most of the time. but this is chelsea, they might get LUCKY!!!

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