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Match Commentary

Comments (16)

  • Julio Cesar was fantastic. Bit odd a club so middling as QPR have Cesar between the nets. Can anybody think of an example of a club with a keeper clearly above the level of the rest of the squad?

  • Well maybe the WhoScored algorithm doesn't dock Santos' poor positional play enough but I thought Santos was much better than Wednesday. His tackling is still oddly effective and, most notably in comparison to Ramsey, he has a decent cross on him.

  • How could Andre Santos possibly be MOTM? Sometimes I am baffled at how these ratings are acquired...

  • m'bia is such a f**king cunt. he got the free kick what else does he want. but thank god we got the win, almost had an heart attack. bring it on man utd



  • Very Risky For Me to Bet ;) Good Luck to Arsenal Fans you will need It

  • Don't think Gnabry will make the lineup over Gervinho, nor should he. Gerv may strike an angry nerv, but he's still more equipped than the Green Gnab.

  • A 3-1 Arsenal win...

  • easy 3 points for the gunners COYG

  • COYG

  • arsenal are so shit...Santos is just awful Ramsey also and gervinho can't play on the right wing. talk about missing Gibbs and rosicky and wilshere and a proper forward

  • I wonder how long QPR are going to go without a win, surely they won't break the duck this week.

  • if arsenal doesn't win this one...

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