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  • Tevez scored

  • GGMU

  • Mancini should replace this incredible Edin Dzeko for poor Tevez,,look at this guys Tevez scored last time in 01-09-2012 against QPR hehe It will be almost 2 months today that he doesnt score.

  • @may7even - - I think Alistair has this one right. ManC is returning home and needs this game after the European disappointment mid-week. 3-1 sounds about right. ManC in control but continue to leak (some) goals.

  • just like i was crucified for saying man city will lose to Ajax, I'm gonna get crucified like that again. i don't see man city taking all the points, i think this might end in a draw. man city just haven't impressed like last season, and even if they get the 3 points, this game will be very close

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