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  • man u rockssss

  • lol who gave santos 6.2 wtf he was utter shit

  • Arsenal have no movement or pace. And why does Wenger keep playing Ramsey in right wing?? They have too many people coming inside.

  • 在中国,很多非曼联的球迷总是认为曼联赢球靠干爹。元芳,你怎么看? In China,many Non-Man-Utd-fans always owe Man Utd's winning to godfather(referee). Yuanfang(guys),what's your opinion? *^_^*

  • 得范+尼组合必得天下,现在只剩下西班牙2强了,期待欧冠!

  • 鲁尼是个万能青年,范佩西是个进攻利器。威尔希尔很有潜力,希望温格早日把队长袖标交给他,以便传承卖队长的优良传统。

  • Rooney and RvP are to damn good!!! :))

  • I think Rooney must be one of the most valuable players in the world, tactically speaking, because he allows United to avoid the compromise between 2 forwards vs a 3-man midfield. So United is not run over in midfield AND get the 2-man game between Rooney and RVP. And what a front line. Barring injury, I think United takes the EPL this season.

  • You know something's wrong when the Mert has the most touches...

  • Man Utd were really superior. Man Utd seemed better in attack, midfield, defence... Arsenal may not get a CL spot this year unfortunately. What the Gunners need is a striker like RVP :(

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