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  • Pass it back to the defence pass it forward nah back to the defence. How many times are they going to pointlessly retain the ball?

  • Bad day for Arsenal.... When will the invisible days come back ???

  • soccergenius8: Absolutely agree with you... Arteta lived a nightmare today, but he must not be blamed because he is almost always impeccable.

  • Why the hell did Arteta take the penality!!!! Giroud­ should have taken the penality, i mean he was on a­ hat-rick and played ever so well. Arteta on the other­ hand had the worst game in an ARSENAL shirt (dont get­ me wrong Arteta is a great player, but even the best­ has bad days) no need to say anything about­ the Arsenal defence but koscielny played well in the­ 2nd half again wrong decision in letting­ Arteta taking the penality

  • We don't even manage to keep possession now... We are hopeless.

  • its massive attack 4 arsenal i see them winning this one by a wide goal margin

  • This may be the game Arsenal turn their poor form around.

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