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  • other ways like F,a,c,e,b,o,o,k and t,w,i,t,t,e,r are not allowed in there

  • 3 shots 3 goals from Little Pea as a (super) sub in the second half and Benteke is the MoTM ,khmmm....! Don't get me wrong he was fantastic for Villa ,but Hernandez scores a hatrick (almost) !!!

  • 楼下说的对

  • As a Chinese,this is the only web to talk with foreign MU fans。 MU,Well done。

  • 曼,你真行。 MU,Well done。

  • Chichooo!!! Great performance from the super sub! We are very lucky to have so many class strikers!!!

  • 加油,逆转!!

  • i see a draw 1-1

  • I think a draw actually...

  • Tough game ,but we are gonna take the 3 points from Villa Park! Our attack is unstoppable ,but our defense is not so good (at all) ,but (for the haters) ,when United midfield is going to be more stable and we gonna have a fix back four ,who's going to f*ck with us??! One Love , One United!!! RedDevil for Life!!!


  • 楼下说的对

  • 曼,你真行

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