Match Summary

West Ham Chelsea
Created a high number of chances relative to their possession
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from long shot situations
Stole the ball often from the opposition
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from the flanks
Were strong at finishing
Were caught offside often
Were poor at finishing
Were caught offside often
Commited a high number of individual errors
Played with width
Attacked down the right side
Had a high shot frequency when in possession
Favoured short passing
Favoured crossing the ball

Situational Report

Positional Report

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Comments (6)

  • hahhahahhahahahahhaha. abromovich is an idiot

  • hahahaha great game xD

  • hazard lowest of all.. LOL

  • hmmmm definitely under 2.5 goals but not sure about 0-0.

  • @Poudyal Another 0-0 probably.

  • third clean sheet for chelsea under new manager?

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