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  • Yes "Walcott is trash as a main striker" you know a lot about football no doubt.

  • guess people didn't see the sarcasm in my comment, what a shame... ;)

  • Funny how Demba played well yet performance of Arsenal's strikers such that Demba looked surplus to requirements.

  • everyone got so excited about walcott not being a phenom already 2 years ago. hes only freaking 23 not even close to his prime. he will be a phenom one day soon

  • What a game. Wenger should start thinking about that raise Walcott wanted.

  • Yes, but it is not the Arsenal way to win... Very strange. We don't make pressing now.

  • lol at drfutballitis_ss

  • 7-3 lol

  • The goal in football is to score goals, not to keep possession. I can't believe I'm explaining this.

  • less possession and 3 goals up, what a shame indeed...

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