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  • The Webb myth is one of the most retarded in the history of football. Liverpool tried to play it out from the back in the first half and United pressed and punished them. They then sat back after going 2-0 up to deal with the extra threat up front. Clinical from SAF.

  • Webb did a good job

  • Reina 5.8, not sure how you work that one out.. Kept LFC in the game.

  • goal counted for evra not for vidic

  • First half: United have been dominant.

  • Great goal by Man Utd 1-0!!!

  • score 3-2

  • game is over before it begins, what can liverpool do when webb is on the pitch AND against united? How this man is still a reff is unbelievable. In my eyes its pretty clear that fergie or someone is paying him out, because the way he goes about games with pool or united in it is just ridiculous. Its biased from the first minute, always going with united/against pool in 50/50 decisions, heck even in 70/30 decisions he is more than happy to go against pool.

  • over 2.5

  • liverpool to win 4:0 and clean sheet. Suarez hat-rick and Gerrard freekick!!

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