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  • i do not understand how Liverpool get 7.1 and Arsenal 7.03?!?! Arsenal were better in every aspect of the game!

  • Should point out Arsenal's 1st and 2nd choice DMs, Arteta and Coquelin, were out. Still they struggle with balance, but with Ramsey there, moreso.

  • @Daddy Arsenal's defenders aren't exactly young, just not good enough generally, imo. Their best defender, Gibbs, is also the young one. The lack of a DM has hurt as well, although the trade-off of 3 ball-playing CMs has its benefits. For Arsenal to play such a midfield, tho, they need more consistent, solid defenders. (Shrug)

  • @LessBlues Defense has always been a problem for Arsenal. Lack of experienced players doesn't help.

  • @TeamCropDusters Arsenal was controlling the game, just look at possession stats. Right move by Rodgers, as stabilized Liverpool. Woeful defense as always by Arsenal. Szcszesny perhaps the worst.

  • So when they tie the game we bring on another defender for a striker... Brilliant!!! What are you doing Rodgers????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Why the fack is Carragher starting!!! Play him against Reading, Stoke, or Norwich!

  • We just gave up a two goal lead FFS! Sell Reina to Barca!!!

  • L'pool must win.

  • 3-1 Liverpool.

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