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Match Commentary

Comments (15)

  • Ahh, so close. 2-1 ! ;D

  • Crimson_1987 he is not a consecutive player

  • Until I saw the score 1:1, I was right but after Tottenham scored and new castle had many chances to get draw their match. Like many said, soccer is unpredictable....

  • I can't believe how Bale didn't complete hattrick O.o

  • Only a matter of time before Gareth Bale plays for a top club :) he's gunna be huge

  • it will going to be draw

  • 1-0

  • 0-2


  • Easy win for Newcastle, anyone saying otherwise obviously has no clue.

  • 2-1 for Tottenham! Bale,and Parker,(Holtby assist). and Gutiérrez.

  • This should be a top match

  • Will be interesting to see Dempsey upfront again. Surprised there's no call for Sigurdsson, he played a withdrawn strikers role at Hoffenheim. I guess he's too slow and out of favour.

  • Real tough game at White Heart Lane, AVB will be without Defoe for three weeks, I see this game to be a goalless Draw

  • In my opinion, this will be a rather tough home game for Spurs. Newcastle has obviously improved very much and their recent form could result in at least a point here. I am rooting for Spurs and Dempsey to score, but a draw would not surprise me in the least.

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