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  • i want diaby sell in the summmer real thing

  • Diaby was the best on the pitch apart from Santi

  • @Juhis whoscored rating system is based on "stats"...I too think Chambo was better than Diaby but, as you will see, the Diaby's stats were better than Chambo or Arteta

  • why are your ratings so bad sometimes? diaby better than ramsey, chamberlain, arteta or jenkinson?

  • Arsenal 2-1 Swansea , feels like it's going to be a close game but i reckon the gunners will snatch it

  • Swansea 2-3 Arsenal

  • Swansea have less motivation to win..

  • I hope.

  • Swansea to gun Arsenal down.

  • i think 3-1 to arsenal

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