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  • Ramos is man of the match !

  • Rovshan Akberov in face

  • LOL ronaldo:))) man of the match Pique

  • Pepe wasnt the man of the Match.

  • LoL Ronaldo.

  • Spain v Portugal match report available at funnyoldgamefootball DOT blogspot DOT com

  • ole!

  • nice one LessBlues...

  • I am thankful for this match. I didn't get enough sleep last night.

  • Germany !!

  • Terrible referee

  • Ronaldo will crack under pressure, as he always does in big games

  • I think if Ronaldo is good & realist, Portugal can win Spain.

  • A reason to live, a reason to dream. ¡Viva España!


  • Portugal needs to score in the first 70 minutes. If Spain scores first, it's match over, barring a Cristiano FK/long-range spectacular.

  • 0-2 spain wins

  • no chance for Portugal. Cristiano to score, but Spain to win anyway

  • Spain will go thru

  • Spain win

  • 0-1

  • 2-1

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