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E. Frankfurt Shots

B. Dortmund Shots

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  • Own Goal
  • Penalty Missed
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  • Hit woodwork
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  • Error lead to goal
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  • Last Man Tackle
  • Clearance off line

Match Commentary

Comments (6)

  • Inui again with a strong match.

  • Another loss to Dortmund!

  • @Schweinstylin I'd agree. A draw could be a good shout, and at 3/1 it's definitely worth a few quid.

  • Without İlkay it'll be interesting to see how Dortmund fares against a proactive team. Götze must play imo, without any creativity they will have a hard time getting into good positions. If I had any money I would bet to both sides to score.

  • Come on now Dortmund, let's not experience a first few weeks like we did last year.

  • I can see Frankfurt getting away with a draw here after such phenomenal start.

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