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B. Dortmund Shots

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Match Commentary

Comments (10)

  • a 6.3 for weidenfeller? sorry guys, haven't you watched the game? he's player of the game in nearly all german media, with 3 tremendous saves in the last minutes of the game. i also think, that bender(7,1 km in 1st half!) was better in the defensive midfield than gündogan, who unfortunately had not his best day.

  • Boring. I switched on Barca vs Bilbao in 70'.

  • Dortmund win 1-0 goal Reus

  • Bayern 3:2 Borussia Martinez-Kross-Ribery Lewandowski-Kuba

  • Game of the night!

  • Dortmund will win. 1-2

  • This fixture is getting back its old fame. Should be full of goals.

  • wow Dan! Away win? Thats a brave prediction!

  • Dortmund wins

  • Can't wait! One of the biggest games in Europe now! MIA SAN MIA

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