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  • That was a close one, but thankfully Barcelona managed to win this game. It wasn't a easy game at all with one nice perfomance by Fábregas and one active Messi that made the difference. Visca El Barça!

  • @LessBlues We ll see tonight how he copes...

  • How has Navas performed against Barca historically? Seems like the type of pacy wing player who can exploit Barca's pressing style on the break.

  • @Dave, I don't think it will be comfortably. We could drop some points here, although I don't think it's very likely.

  • Draw! Are you serious? Barca will win comfortably

  • This is a good game to bet on the draw. Great odds, Sevilla playing well and Barca bound to slip up sooner or later

  • Barta should be given a start.

  • @footballgod Thank you!

  • You put money on what you think is going to happen. The odds tell you how much you get back. If an odd says 1.50, than means you get 1.50 times of the money you wagered. So if you wagered £20 you get back £30 winning £10.

  • Can someone explain to me how does this betting thing works?

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