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  • @kokichi, I have to agree with you on that, as a Real fan trying to be objective I do however think they both would've deserved it.

  • So many discussions on boards about which team is more dependent on their star! Watching both Barca and Real week after week, I'm convinced that Barcelona is much more dependent on Messi than Real is on CR7. Messi was a force last night, but from my perspective it seemed he was the only consistent Barcelona threat from both a scoring and playmaking perspective. The number of touches he made (69) was not so telling (about the same as Cesc) as it was the way he carried the ball and by doing so spread the defense out and/or made them lunge (late) into fouls. "# dribbles won" doesn't seem to recognize the number of players pulled out of position and/or chasing him. His teammates on attack were almost invisible save one opening to Fabregas. Xavi and Busquets had a ton of passes, but they were almost all backwards or lateral. Pedro was OK at getting open looks for a cross into the box, but his crosses wear poor. Stats on "territory gained" please!

  • @Elbeast: I am saying that apart from goals (which are both equal), Messi contributed more to the team. And that's why he deserved MOTM.

  • Really Messi relies as much on his teammates as Ronaldo does, depends from game to game for both. The amount of goals, as a matter of fact, do count(when you look past everything only goals matter). Barcelona had a lot of the ball in the second half and created some good chances, but don't forget the first half where only after Messi's goal Barcelona started playing proper. You're saying Messi can involve and influence the game but how is scoring two goals not unfluencing the game? I don't think many people could care less about the motm title, but both deserved it, just like both teams could've won.

  • It's not about the goals or the number of touches that count. In the second half, Messi was much more involved, created 5-6 chances, had some good run and caused havoc to RM defense. He was the heart of Barca's attack while Ronaldo was disappeared most of the time in the second half when RM failed on counter-attacking. Ronaldo relied on his team-mates to create chances for him and once they failed to do so, he disappeared. Messi, on the other hand, can involve and influence the game. In that regard, Messi was well-deserved MOTM

  • @dSquib Great observation about the ratings @LessBlues True but it's in our nature to compare, and choose one over the other. Media always feeds us with this, and we always eat it cuz it tastes good.

  • Good points Elbeast!

  • I don't get why people are downvoting may7even. As is pointed out, messi got more touches, hence why he has a higher rating. They both got 2 goals and ultimately decided the outcome of the game. Yes, messi might have a higher rating but it's clear that stats don't say everything, especially when the score difference is 0.3. They're both great players, and they were great tonight. I wouldn't say one is better than the other. This has been discussed more than enough. They play in different roles for their team, and thus can not be compared(it's like comparing Dzeko to Nani). They've both been equally excellent, and so have the teams been, which says far more than the performance of two players. After all it's not Messi vs Ronaldo, it's Barcelona vs Real Madrid. That's what El Clasico is. Not a faceoff between two players.

  • Messi v Ronaldo may be reductionist usually but this was a game in particular where a lot of the other players underperformed, as the ratings indicate only 4 players above 7.0.

  • A great night for football. Some living legends play wonderful football. Thanks Messi, Ronaldo, Xavi, Ozil, Iniesta and Pedro.

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