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  • C罗

  • A 10 for Ronaldo is indeed quite absurd. Not only did Higuain play less than Ronaldo, he also had one more assist. Ronaldo completely missed 3 out of 7 shots which is 42.9% of his shots off target. Higuain shot twice and scored two goals with a conversion rate of 100%. Ronaldo was also offside two times and Higuain was not even once. Also, CR had only 1 Key Pass while Higuain had 2. Sincerely, this 10 for Ronaldo is beyond absurd. If anyone should've gotten a 10 it should've been Higuain. If this system is automatic there most definitely is something wrong with this, wasting shots apparently makes no difference on the player rating whereas it most definitely should. Higuain also had 4 out of 4 accurate long balls and 1 out of 1 through ball. Higuain had a basically perfect match for a forward. Ronaldo didn't, he wasted 42.9% of his shots.

  • Unbelievable! A 10 for Ronaldo!! SMH. Guys you've earned a reputation of being objective, logical and unbiased. This is the third time this season you've given Ronaldo a ridiculously high rating. Please you guys should look into whoever is giving him these ratings. It'll be sad to see your accountability take a hit. Cheers.

  • kaka

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