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Barcelona Shots

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Match Commentary

Comments (11)

  • dat Iniesta...

  • Iniesta was like daym! He totally rocked.

  • Iniesta was simply brilliant!!!!

  • maybe a draw today 1-1, will be a very difficult match for Barcelona Ate se calhar perderao este jogo, ainda mais teem a pressao de o Real ter perdido...

  • real lost because they had a tough game over the weekend. barca are coming bac from moscow on wednesday and levante are coming back from sweden on thursday. it will be a tough game but i think barca will win 3-1 or 2-0

  • David Villa is out with an injury, and will not be joining the team against Levante.

  • Barcelona will not win.

  • Time to hit the cruise control Barca.... a win today, Leo with 2 goals !!

  • Messi again!! 0-3

  • 5 - 0 messi hattrick

  • 5 :1 for barca messi will make a hattrick.

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