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Barcelona Shots

A. Madrid Shots

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  • We're all lucky to have witnessed Messi's record-breaking! At least I am. :D

  • Messi wore a newly designed shoes by his fan and score 2 goals. Both of them must be very happy and proud. Messi has 1 more match this year to improve his goalscoring record. Hopefully he will make it to 90+ goals.

  • Messi The God Of Football

  • It wasn't Messi's mistake that lead to Falcão's goal. Diego Costa stole the ball, nothing wrong with that.

  • goal nr. 3 and 4 are not so important for messi - so my man of the match would be busquets

  • messi had an off game and still gets 2. great win for barca over the second place team. 9 clear of atletico, 13 of madird

  • And this is why I love my darling barcelona!!!!!!

  • Score sheet/shit hahaha im human aint i.... lets just enjoy the game, shall we "visca el Barca"

  • Great ! tiki taka & Leo on the score shit....Hang on to this win Barca

  • Splendid so far..just splendid

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