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Malaga Shots

R. Madrid Shots

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Match Commentary

Comments (10)

  • holy crap. dropped points againnnn. i hate to say it so soon, but the league is all but over for madrid. and getting a strong man u side in champs league. this could be a disaster of a season for los blancos

  • Mourinho out please. Thanks.

  • Roque Santa Claus - Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas

  • 16 points to barca...bye bye real

  • Hahaha, Please, don't fire Mourinho. He has been making my day since the season started.

  • @therealestmc: That's exactly why I want Madrid to lose.

  • I do not want real Madrid to lose because it does, morinho will get fired.

  • Interesting lineup from Mourinho by benching Casillas and playing unnerved Adan. Hope Real Madrid don't slip against Malaga too.

  • Malaga will win this one.

  • 2-1 malaga

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