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  • No, we definitely had a lot of possession, but we didn't took our chances well. So, it was very ineffective. We should have done A LOT better with that amount of possession.

  • AC MILAN 66 possesion lol didnt see the game but thinking milan were better team anyone agree ?


  • @footballgod Serie A not tactical? Thats why almost all teams play with 3 at the back which is the most tactical type of football.

  • Good bye Allegri, Serie B is waiting for you!

  • Walle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets go Inter!! Whoop those suckers sick!!

  • @Tllbx1 Come on mate!!! You are telling me that the derby has the old quality. The best player in the derby is Real reject Sneijder who is not even on form!!! And I dont agree with Serie A being tactical anymore. Its too predictable where shit teams always do shit...

  • Inter have more chance to win this actually. I say 2-1 Inter!

  • @Tllbx1, The Napoli - Udinese match will probably be a greater spectacle for enjoying tactical football.

  • So because Ibra and T. Silva leave the Milan derby has less quality? You watch Serie A for good tactical football, if you want to see individual crap watch La Liga.

  • Im afraid the quality of this derby has gone down a lot, but both teams will play their hearts out. Expecting an exciting match!

  • It will be an amazing game. Fuck Barcelona - Real, let's watch Milan - Inter.

  • AC have been really bad but El Shaarawy will score. Coutinho to be the difference in the second half

  • Draw

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