Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(52) 29 Goals 17 (34)
(10) 3 Assists 1 (7)
(6.7) 7 Average Ratings 6.8 (6.6)
30.5 Average Age 26.5
179.9 Average Height (cm) 184.1
(1) 1 Shots pg 1.1 (1)
(50%) 51% Aerial Duel Success 50% (49%)
(0.9) 0.9 Dribbles pg 0.6 (0.8)
(2) 1.5 Tackles pg 1.6 (2.1)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Serie A.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Gaby Mudingayi Out 6.43333333333333
Joel Obi Out 7.035
Cristian Chivu Out 6.517
Dejan Stankovic Out 6.21333333333333
Antonio Cassano Out 7.17321428571429
Player Reason Status Rating
Nicolàs Bertolo Out 6.41142857142857
Andrea Mantovani Out 6.48
Steve Von Bergen Out 7.12314285714286
Abel Hernández Out 6.35571428571429
Massimo Donati Out 7.00392857142857
Fabrizio Miccoli Out 6.85466666666667

Team News

  • Gargano's availability will probably force Zanetti onto the right side, with Nagatomo on the left, leaving Pereira on the bench.
  • With Cassano still suspended, Coutinho will get another chance from the start, just behind Milito and Palacio.
  • Alvarez may be an offensive option from the bench, while Guarin may provude more balance should Inter have to control the match.
  • Gasperini will have some absentees to cope with: Donati, Miccoli and Von Bergen are all part of the usual XI.
  • Milanovic and Garcia will play in defence, while Giorgi will have to play on the left side of midfield.
  • Dybala will replace the captain and top-scorer Fabrizio Miccoli.


  • In the last 4 matches Inter collected the same points as Juventus, but unlike the Bianconeri they dropped some against lesser rivals. Stramaccioni admitted that the team took some steps in the wrong direction and they now have to work hard to regain the confidence his players had during their previous winning streak.
  • Palermo won the Sicilian derby with a good performance, and of course Gasperini has good reasons to want to stop Inter's run. But missing so many key players might well force him into coming into this game looking for just one point.
  • Stramaccioni has to choose between his typical 3-4-1-2 and a 5-man midfield to give the team more balance. Recent performances suggest that Inter cannot afford to play with three attacking players, as they did in the first part of the season, and Cassano's unavailability may lead the manager to go with Guarin in midfield and Coutinho on the bench. That way, Inter would probably be more dangerous on counter-attack with Palacio's speed and Milito's finishing.

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