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  • Gamberini, Britos and Campagnaro is a a joke of defence. If they dare to play their own game - ROMA will win here.

  • the half time wins napoli but the result is a draw 4-6 goals in this match

  • i'm a roma fan, but this match could really go either way. it's a defining game for us. if we win, we climb up to 3rd in the table

  • i can see this being a big high scoring match, can't decide on a winner.


  • Key match for Roma.

  • Giallorossi are really only competitors for the Europa League spots? REALLY? stupid editor. if it wasn't for the lousy mistakes in the 1st half of the season, roma would be fighting for scudetto. but since the mistakes happened, their objective is UCL, not UEL

  • Osvaldo has the flu. He's not in talks with anyone.