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B. Dortmund Shots

Ajax Shots

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Match Commentary

Comments (8)

  • Kuba should take the penalties

  • Does Hummels always take the penalties for BVB?

  • I think this will be the game of the day. So much young, attacking talent. Should be a belter

  • I think a victory for BVB. - Very strong home - build on early pressure of the enemy team. Ajax have a young team.

  • 2-0 ajax

  • Blaszcz, gotse, reus, lewandowski is a scary attack line. I'm gutted for them that they've got such a tough group. Would've liked to see Dortmund do well this season

  • 3-1 ....

  • Ajax is more likely to start with Poulsen instead of Serero, also Moisander is Ajax' left central defender.

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