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  • Watching Mourinho do the slide: priceless!!!

  • What a game!!!

  • thank you! I won!agüero subtitute....

  • Man City will win or draw !

  • I see this Man city lineup, and I don't exactly see how they can manage Alonso and Khedira. Yaya has to be massive?

  • @Daddy Under 3.5!

  • Im confused about this. People give me some ideas about the best bets pleaseeeee.

  • Both clubs aren't really "on form", so it'll come to the mentality of the players and, of course, some individuals to make the difference. Real's formation might be a bit more stable than City's, but there's a sense of no trust inside the Madrid club after the loss against Seville, so they might lose concentration on the pitch and perhaps play for the wrong reasons against City. I think there's a bit of balance between City not finding still their perfect formation with the new signings, and the misunderstanding confusion inside the Madrid's management.

  • I think R.Madrid will win 2:1.

  • Think you're all in for a disappointment. 1-1 at best but think it will be a 1-0 home win and more of a tactical game than an entertaining one with lots of goals

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