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Match Commentary

Comments (26)

  • Pirlo got personal mark and vucinic+giovinco were so awful...damn inconsistent strikers

  • So this was this great Juventus you were bragging about before the game ? Please.

  • I love the site, but Chiellini 6.9 (and worst out of the 3 CB's)? That's just crazy! He was a rock at the back- ask Hazard.

  • 2-2 was a fair result. I'm so proud of Juve's class and resilience. They showed that they belong in the European stage.

  • Chelsea need to be much more solid defensively. Just giving too many chances away.

  • 0-0, 1-1 Di Mateo will play to not loose, like City yesterday. The draw has value.

  • If Juve play the 3-man back line, Chelsea could break with 3 or 4 of those front 4, and Pirlo will be little help. I see some goals in this one.

  • @Gillett_R, I agree the Juve midfield is better. They need Ramires in midfield to combat the energy and ball-winning of Vidal and Marchisio. Get Lampard out of there for this one. Juve has one of the more dynamic midfields.

  • This prediciton is called "super gufata" in Italy!

  • Nicklas Bendtner to come back to haunt london!

  • Just imagine if Juventus had bought a top quality striker like they promised... Defence and Midfield are up there with the very best. Juventus to win 1-0.

  • The only problem Juve is facing here is that they've not played in the CL for a long time and their first match is an away game with the last champion. They are far better a team than Chelsea at any rate.

  • Will be close. Juventus midfield = better.

  • Come on people are you serious? This is CL, and Chelsea have a CL team. Chelsea to win 3-1

  • Can't think of many midfields better than Juve's. Barca and Madrid maybe. That's about it

  • Over 2.5 goals

  • Juventus will win 1-0.

  • Don't underestimate Juventus. I think they will not lose and they will score first.

  • Juve fans shouldnt get too excited. The most you ll get out of this is a draw!

  • passing fashions CHELSEA

  • Forza JUVE!

  • Haha CL is not Serie A. When the last time Juve played in CL ? 3-4 years ago ?

  • Go Juve! Can't wait. It is a tricky affaire that could go either way. Chelsea are a formidable team with dynamic players like Mata and Hazard, but their recent loss to Atletico and draw against QPR paints them as vulnerable. Juve have been great, but this would be their first real test outside of Italy. I would be happy with a Juve draw or win.

  • juve will win if they dont have problem in defence viva juve!!

  • Chelsea better sit deep if they don't want to get destroyed.

  • The return in Champions League! Come on Old Lady! It will be the Mirko Vucinic match..

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