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  • Talk about regretful... Dortmund really was the far better side, they practically had this one in the bag.

  • How have Dortmund not scored yet? They're destroying.

  • LessBlues sounds about right. I think a 1-1 draw could weel happen. But at the same time both teams have such good attacks it could be a 3-3!

  • It's possible @Yulva. City have been a tad bit leaky this year and Dortmund's front 4 of Blaszczykowski, Gotze, Reus, and Lewandowksi is very strong. Combine that with Dortmund's top CB pairing and an upset is possible. Some mitigating factors, though: I think City will control the midfield and this might be a cautious game, as both wait for the other to make a mistake. I can see 1-1 as well as 3-2 either way.

  • @Yulva Dortmund do have a good chance to draw, I dont think Dortmund can beat them at their home.

  • I think this will be a Dortmund win even though it's on Manchester soil. Except the last Fulham game, which was won at the last minutes, City hasn't won a match including the Champions League. It will be interesting to see though how Dortmund will handle the CL this season.

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