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  • dortmund should have all 9 points. they got robbed in manchester. now, they are going to have to beat manchester at home and tie either ajax or madrid away to come out of the group

  • Doetmund played really beautiful. It was a team play. Good luck for next match.

  • I like this match!! They are both incredible and the game is so fun. Hope for them can pass to Knockout-Round together.

  • German team proved their strength and RM was really struggling against them.

  • Weidenfeller error leading to goal? 5.0? You mad?

  • Dortmund is really good team deserves to win today.

  • kaka opened his goal scoring account for real madrid in the last game these two giants met, so this one is a special game for him.

  • Here its a lesson to learn Borussia Dortmund will climbe up today by winning this home 1-0 its not Real Madrid day .

  • to manyyy injuries for Dortmunt:-<,but i hope a win for german club

  • Real Madrid have played 23 away matches vs German clubs in all Eur Cups, winning only ONE (W1-D6-L16). - My bets on a draw today.

  • 1-3

  • best match today!! group D is the only group with interesting matches!!

  • Dortmund is more likely to win here. I don't know why people underrate the Bundesliga as much as they do, and hopefully this game will show that. It's a shame though that Dortmund's struggling with so many injuries.

  • Great game!

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