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  • Use Walcott as a striker.

  • Wow! That was awful. We have a very weak side.

  • Tactically it would have made more sense to play Coquelin in left back, Ramsey in midfield, Gervinho on right wing, and Giroud in striker.

  • arsenal are so shit

  • Andre Santos can thrive as a wing back in a 3-5-2, or as part of a back 4 against lowly league opposition. This - NO.

  • footballgod: Sure you don't deserve to get a warning when you give your opinion! For me, Arsenal have always been a great team -- but it is a personal point of view, that I will not explain here. Regarding the match, Arsenal are very disappointing despite a great start. We suddenty decided not to exercise pressing against our opponents, and we let them the ball. Again.

  • scoreboard says ARS - SCH Arsch means Ass in german, how odd.

  • @footballgod i think you are getting abused (based on your comment down below) because of the sarcasm and the mocking.

  • @Thypot Just making a warning because of the abuse I got just for saying Norwich game would be a draw. Here is another idiot (kookey9) talking shit. Arsenal are not a great team yet, and dont know if they will ever be this season. They are good, but so are most of the teams in the CL. No need for over confidence...

  • 3-2

  • Fuck off footballgod. Your mother is dead ^^

  • footballgod: Who said that it would be an easy win against Schalke? We could reasonably expect a win against Norwich, a team which hadn't win against any team before! However, Arsenal are a great team. They will overcome they current difficulties. But still, it is certain that this match will be tought. It could easily be a draw.

  • dat injury list.

  • To all the Arsenal fans: This is a tough game. No over confident comments will be tolerated like the Norwich game!!! :) 2-2 draw I think... P.S. Arsenal fans always have some mislead confidence over their team. Should be because of all the cups they won within the last 7-8 years...

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