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Galatasaray Shots

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  • Own Goal
  • Penalty Missed
  • Penalty Goal
  • Penalty Saved
  • Hit woodwork
  • Man of the Match
  • Error lead to goal
  • Assist
  • Last Man Tackle
  • Clearance off line

Match Commentary

Comments (9)

  • Was a good game. Well done to Gala.

  • Amazing goalkeepers

  • MANU can't win tonight. DRAW

  • Galatasaray to get a goal but nothing more than that. United to win comfortably. It will be interesting to see how galatasaray fare at old trafford. My mate reckons they'd struggle to finish top half in the premier league

  • 1-1

  • United to win by 3 or more

  • I think it will be De Gea.

  • Man utd should destroy galatasaray. Im guessing 6-0.

  • Both teams to score is the perfect bet on this match! Galatasaray will do some damage in the CL this year!

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