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Match Commentary

Comments (25)

  • It's hard to say how things would have been if Juve played with a 4-man defense. A Lich-Barzagli-Bonucci-Chiellini backline makes sense, but Lich isn't that stellar a defender. I hope Juve stick to 3-5-2 with Lich and Asamoah executing their defensive duties more diligently.

  • Agreed @Daddy. I was impressed with much of the squad. Also obviously Willian and Mkhitaryan, even the likes of Fernandinho. Somebody should tell all of them they're playing in Ukraine.

  • @footballgod...it seems inefficient. You deploy 3 CBs yet still are vulnerable in areas and some situations defensively.

  • @LessBlues @footballgod Good points. Back to the good old 4 man defense... Srna continues to impress me by the way...

  • @LessBlues Rightly put! I dont understand why teams like Barca, Man City, and Juve are trying to revive 3-5-2. If you look at their declining performance since the tactical change for esp Barca and City, it is hard to understand the need for such a change.

  • @Daddy Isn't this one of the complaints of the 3-5-2; the wing backs are responsible for pitching in against the wing forwards, but also need to monitor the runs of the fullbacks. You can look at it in two ways: either the wing backs are optimized because they can frustrate two sets of opposing players, or they have no single responsibility and either end up in a no man's land or become overwhelmed. Perhaps the latter today?

  • @LessBlues Juve were dominated in midfield. I think especially the influence of the fullbacks of Shaktar in the game made Shaktar much superior.

  • This game was just matter of possesion. Juve played very fastly seeking the counter attack with the ball and gave away possesion with ease in first half especially. Look at the numbers: 44% possesion of juve...wtf thats not usual

  • Agreed @LM007. Shakhtar were by far the better side. I wonder about the defensive frailty of Juve's 3-5-2 without a committed defensive mid. When Shakhtar broke with 3 down the middle (cutting out the wing backs), Juve were sliced apart with ease. Shakhtar really should have won. Far more chances.

  • What did I say? I predicted a draw. And you would not believe. Juventus were lucky.

  • What did I say?! Juve are struggling!!!

  • x2

  • Shaktar have a very strong team. Don't underastimate them. They haven't lost in ages(I think their last lose was vs Porto in CL last year). They played 10 league games already and won all 10. They have some great Brazilians and Mkhitaryan who scored 13 goals in 10 this season

  • juve will win. probably with 3 goals. that would be a narrow win, maybe 3-2.

  • You are all underestimating Shaktar. They are a very good side. Considering the Serie A has dropped in quality so much, dominating the league does not say that much about Juve. This will definitely be a tight game!

  • 2-0

  • 5-1? no chance. a narrow 2-1

  • Juve 5-1

  • Tough game for Juve, but 2-0 makes sense...

  • 2-0

  • 2-0

  • 3-0 easy

  • 2:2

  • Shakhtar very good

  • Certainly Juve has a better team. But I think 3-1 is too excessive a prediction. Shakhtar is a birlliant team with a birlliant manager and they've won 10 out of their 10 games in the domestic league.

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