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  • I do NOT get why Dzeko isn't playing. Hasn't he proven himself enough for Mancini?

  • bruhahha how many dollars ? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Why doesn't Mancini play Nasri more centrally?

  • Sometimes City seem like just a collection of players without a system or strategy. If Ajax had a sugar daddy they'd be a force, think of all the players they had to sell over the last 10 years.

  • In these games ,Mancity have never shown his perfomance for Silva's injury. Absecent of Silva has fallen team's creative and dynamic form on the ground. If Ajax get the first goal ,That will be miserable situation mancity side.The most important thing is first score ,because usally youngman teams are depend on feeling especially against famous football teams. Macity have'n to think of winning ,just do play their performance ..... If it could posssible ,Mancity may be win by big score. I think ...Mancity 3-1 Ajax ,of course mancity must has first score .

  • 0-0,1-1,2-2 哈哈哈~

  • 3-1 is BIG NO

  • Both teams desperately need a win but both are without the form and quality necessary to advance the group stage. About the prediction, I highly doubt that City can score 3 goals unless they get lucky. The only advantage they have over Ajax is that they're playing at home.

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