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  • Why Benzema is still missing in the game? Is he injured?

  • "This match isn't in germany . Madrid is the favourite to win easily" haha

  • If only Ronaldo took that freekick and missed like he always does... Anyway, lying deep in the 2nd half proved disadvantageous for Dortmund; Madrid was having trouble creating anything before.

  • It was indeed an own goal. Anyways, why on earth was CRs rating 5.5 before and now it's 6 if he hasn't done anything whatsoever except for wasting chances?

  • I believe the second goal is Götze's.

  • I believe the second goal was Gotze's.

  • I also believe it was not an own goal. I clearly see Götze controlling the ball and then shooting it over Casillas. If it indeed was Arbeloa it must have been very subtle, cause I didn't notice it whatsoever.

  • third goal is officially credited to Gotze!!...Arbeloa still shit though

  • Maybe I didn't see it well enough but shouldn't the third goal count for Götze instead of an own goal for Arbeloa?

  • The uber Group of Death i.e. The Group of Champions!

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