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Match Commentary

Comments (21)

  • Why Benzema is still missing in the game? Is he injured?

  • "This match isn't in germany . Madrid is the favourite to win easily" haha

  • If only Ronaldo took that freekick and missed like he always does... Anyway, lying deep in the 2nd half proved disadvantageous for Dortmund; Madrid was having trouble creating anything before.

  • It was indeed an own goal. Anyways, why on earth was CRs rating 5.5 before and now it's 6 if he hasn't done anything whatsoever except for wasting chances?

  • I believe the second goal is Götze's.

  • I believe the second goal was Gotze's.

  • I also believe it was not an own goal. I clearly see Götze controlling the ball and then shooting it over Casillas. If it indeed was Arbeloa it must have been very subtle, cause I didn't notice it whatsoever.

  • third goal is officially credited to Gotze!!...Arbeloa still shit though

  • Maybe I didn't see it well enough but shouldn't the third goal count for Götze instead of an own goal for Arbeloa?

  • The uber Group of Death i.e. The Group of Champions!

  • Benzema is injured according to mourinho

  • Should be a great game. Seriously, this is my favorite Champion's League group in quite a while.

  • LB is the biggest concern. Not as if Arbeloa was the fastest @ RB, let alone LB. Reus & Piszczek will b all over him and though Arbeloa does like to attack forward at the flank, the CR/Marcelo partnership is sorely being missed :( With all due respect to BVB, The 2 goals v conceded away were lucky. HALA MADRID! We need to win!

  • 2 goals from Ronaldo will see him level with Fillpo Inzaghi on the all time champ leauge top goal scorers list at No.8

  • @raulkeisham: I too think Real has a slightly better chance at winning. But I heavily doubt that it'll be easy for either team unless Dortmund falls prey to inexperience. They haven't until now, and practically crushed the opposition in every CL game they've played. Considering the fact that Real is without a consistent back four and Khedira, it's a tough match for them. Their left wing is particularly shaky due to Ronaldo's lack of everything defensive and unfamiliar players filling the left-back spot.

  • This match isn't in germany . Madrid is the favourite to win easily..

  • It's obvious that Benzema will be the starter.

  • The loss of Khedira however can prove vital for Real since he's the only deep lying midfielder who can play vertically and fill some space, which without him Dortmund can exploit. On the other hand Dortmund is somewhat erratic in their defense this season; it'll be hard for them to contain Real's firepower at Bernabeu. They are however playing very fluid and were magnificent in all of their CL games. This is a tough one to predict.

  • Real will win. Revenge for their last game...

  • 1:3

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