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Match Commentary

Comments (17)

  • Very vey good game for Shakhtar

  • may7even: all that sh*t you were talking and thats all you have to say after the match? What does it matter when I made my comment? Point is you never came back to congratulate the better side as you had expected shakthar fans to do after their perceived loss. Dont worry, you guys will still come in second in the group. It's Juve that should be scared.

  • Shakhtar worked like Trojans and got what they deserved.

  • Looks like I was right on all fronts. @may7even: Get a life and watch more than Chelsea beating weak Premier League opposition :o)

  • uh no, actually most of the comments here suggest that Donezk win or draw. so you're wrong with your arrogant prediction, aren't you?


  • may7even: make sure you come back after after the game sweetie (; Cant wait to hear your excuses. Thats why you dont make difinitive statements without seeing the other team play. Juve escaped with a point against these guys...VERY lucky. Chelsea wont be so lucky.

  • Be worried. Be very worried, Chelsea. Shaktar are a very good team. 2-2, I say.

  • most of you guys are down voting my comments, but just do me one favor, comeback here after the game and don't shy away when Chelsea beats the hell outta shakhtar

  • I expect Shaktar to beat Chelsea - the luckiest team to ever with the CL? Juve were very lucky against Shaktar - and that's saying a lot. P.S. In the end, Juve were also unlucky not be beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Quite a tough group overall. Juve could also stumble in Denmark this evening based on the team they are bringing.

  • @Dave no i haven't seen much of shakhtar, but i have seen a lot of Chelsea to know this game is going their way. terry is back in the lineup and lets face it, he is a great defender. also, Chelsea is much better than juventus (not hating), and should have won the game against juve if not for Mikel's costly error

  • If you think Chelsea will win comprehensively in Ukraine you obviously didn't see much of Shakhtar's game against Juve...

  • Reckon Shakhtar might sneak a win, 1-0

  • Like the sound of a 1-1

  • the draw at 3.50 is great odds

  • Shaktar are a great team as they clearly showed against Juve. Im expecting a 1-1 draw here.

  • this is the match I'm most excited to see. especially Chelsea. they've been on a rampage as of late. i bet they'll win comprehensively and also beat man utd on Sunday. i think the man utd game on Sunday is a sure thing. man utd's defense is just horrible and Chelsea's attack will do a number or two on them

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