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  • @nerck93 calm down and dont use that language again. Yulva always makes quality, intelligent and interesting comments here. he made an unbiased comment that i agree with. grow up!

  • nerck93, Udinese isn't my team. And as long as Liverpool can't construct consistent 11s out of their squad, these type of results will continue for them.

  • Fuck you Yulva, your piece of shit team plays the dirtiest football around. And get your fucking facts straight we played half of our youth team last game you fuck and still won. Go home to your completely barren trophy case

  • Who'd have expected this result after such a beautiful first half? Credit to Udinese for not giving up and pressing in the first minutes of the first half. Coates had a very good game, shame he scored and own goal, his tackles were terrific. Downing had a good game as well, surprisingly. Liverpool can gather some positives from the young squad, but a disappointing result considering they could have finished it in the first half.

  • Well, this is what you get for underestimating Udinese. Instead of playing with his best team against Norwich, Rodgers should have considered this match to be the more important one.

  • Udinese not playing well, Liverpool will be confident. I reckon 3-1 home win

  • Tough game but Liverpool will win

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